Oct 30
Preparing for the Impact of the Wayfair Decision: What Retailers Need to Know
Tuesday October 30, 2018

The recent Wayfair decision has been a cause of confusion and concern for remote sellers as they try to understand the impact on their business. To be clear, online retailers as well as brick and mortar retailers with “send sales” will be impacted, and now is the time for businesses to prepare.

This webinar will be held on Wednesday, October 3 at 3 pm EDT and Tuesday, October 30 at 2 pm EDT.


Bobby Barnes
Vice President,
Compliance Operations 
Justin-Reinard-headshot-100x100 Justin Reinard
Vice President,
Tax Technology Operations





This webinar will discuss:

  • Types of companies impacted by the ruling
  • Nexus definitions including Economic Nexus, Cookie Nexus and Marketplace Nexus
  • How physical presence fits into the equation
  • Remote seller nexus determination and obligations
  • Managing to thresholds
  • State changes and effective dates
  • Additional considerations