Crown Royalties

Crown Royalties Services

Crown Royalties services include Crown Royalty filings, which are complex and highly specialized, often increasing a tax team’s workload. Working closely with our Canadian energy exploration clients, DMA has generated millions of dollars in Crown Royalty credits and recoveries.

Through our customized approach, DMA’s Crown Royalty professionals perform a detailed analysis tailored to the unique nature of each client’s operations. Our team of experts offers strategic recommendations to provide prospective benefit and recover any overpayments while ensuring our clients adhere to the applicable legislation.

With a staff that averages more than 12 years’ experience with Canadian energy exploration and Crown Royalty filings, you can be assured of maximized results.

Case Study

Crown Royalty Review & Recovery Service

Our client, one of Canada’s largest oil and gas companies, pays significant Crown Royalties in Alberta and qualifies for a variety of royalty incentives. Similar to many other large companies, this company employed very talented in-house royalty experts and at times had 3rd party services assist on value added projects.
DMA’s oil and gas professionals partnered with our client to identify Crown Royalty credits and allowances and to reduce its Crown Royalty liability. Learn how DMA's review process netted nearly $3 million in additional tax savings for our client.