Crown Royalties Compliance

DMA’s Crown Royalties Compliance professionals assist clients with filing all Gas Cost Allowance forms for Crown Royalty purposes. Our experienced Crown Royalties team ensures all eligible costs are claimed so you realize the maximum allowable benefit. 

DMA prepares the following forms prior to the established deadlines: 

  • AC1 – DMA will create new facility cost centers, retire assets, and submit changes in FCC status along with changes in working interest ownership.
  • AC2 – DMA will submit claims for all eligible capital AFEs and operating costs incurred during the filing year.
  • AC3 – DMA reallocates costs between facilities/owners when required.
  • AC5 – DMA ensures all eligible custom processing fees are claimed in the filing year. 

In addition to the above forms, DMA provides Custom Processing Allocation Factor calculation and reporting when required. Our experienced Crown Royalty specialists also provide complimentary training and recommendations for cost-effective processes to more accurately report allowable costs. 

DMA’s Crown Royalty Compliance services are customized to your specific needs, and we partner with you to ensure quality results are delivered.

   Download the Crown Royalties Case Study