Customs & Duty

Certified Experts in Customs & Duty


DMA’s Customs & Duty practice has been successful in providing value-added customs and duty services to both Canadian and non-resident importers. Our experts bring over 25 years of experience in both industry and public practice, assisting clients in navigating a complex set of rules in a challenging trade environment by providing customs & duty recovery and deferral opportunities along with practical compliance solutions.

We Solve Common Business Challenges

checkmarkLimited internal resources to monitor and understand constantly changing customs regulation updates and deadlines

checkmarkLack of technical resources to successfully manage “import and post” accounting duty functions related to customs and duty

checkmarkStaff with limited knowledge of customs & duty legislation

checkmarkAccounting staff unaware of legislative rulings and decisions that may impact whether a refund or additional duty, interest and AMPS applies

Customs & Duty Services

Duty Recovery

We provide a risk-free, non-disruptive comprehensive review of all import entry profiles to uncover duty overpayments that impact your bottom line. When potential customs & duty overpayments are identified, our team prepares the necessary documentation while protecting claims under customs-legislated time limits. We offer:

  • Duty Recovery (Classification, Preferential Tariff Treatment, Valuation and End-Use)
  • Duty Drawback

Customs Ruling Requests

We prepare legally binding documents to secure favourable rulings that will provide additional duty recovery for our clients.

Duty Deferral Program

We ensure that the correct procedural steps are followed in order to take advantage of the various options to defer duty on future imports.

Customs Compliance

Compliance has never been more important. We review your compliance procedures in order to manage risk and mitigate penalties under the Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS). We offer:

  • Audit Defense
  • Mock Customs Audit
  • Correctors (Classification, Preferential Tariff Treatment, Valuation and End-Use)

Customs Training

We provide in-house staff training by an experienced Customs Instructor from the University of Toronto.


DMA Strengths

  • Our customs professionals hold both Certified Customs Specialist (CCS) and Certified Trade Compliance Specialist (CTCS) designations
  • Our CCS- and CTCS-designated professionals receive advanced training that is not available to the general public 
  • We provide customized status reports tailored to your desired format and timing 
  • We provide timely communication and status reports throughout the entire review