Property Tax Portfolio Management & Administration

Reduce Costs and Maximize Income with Co-Sourced Management & Administration

Property tax administration can be overwhelming. Concerns about deadlines, the validity of assessments, and the organization and management of information for numerous properties is often exacerbated due to of a lack of personnel to adequately handle the duties.

DMA’s full-service property portfolio management and administration service is designed to relieve companies of the burden associated with property tax administration and encompasses all aspects of a corporate property tax department. Our property tax professionals partner with clients to ensure a seamless, customized approach to property tax administration – whether they choose a comprehensive solution or a customized solution to fit their unique property management and administration needs.

A key component of DMA’s Property Tax Management & Administration service is PTES, DMA’s comprehensive, proprietary software solution containing our clients’ property tax data. PTES provides our clients with real-time access to critical pieces of information about their properties with on-demand reporting capabilities.

Since 1972, our property tax experts, with jurisdictional expertise across the U.S. and Canada, have provided strategic recommendations to ensure fair and equitable property tax assessments along with compliance services to minimize our clients’ property tax obligations.

Property Tax Co-Sourcing Benefits

  • DMA offers a flexible approach capable of meeting the corporate objective of a full or partial co-source
  • DMA provides the expertise so that your staff can focus on higher value-add objectives
  • DMA prepares property reports correctly and ensures timely filing with jurisdictions
  • DMA experts manage the appeal process and negotiate with jurisdictions on your behalf

Portfolio Management & Administration Services

  • Portfolio analysis and strategic planning
  • Real-time status updates and a central repository for all documents and information related to property tax assessments and bill payments via DMA’s proprietary PTES web portal
  • Management of real and personal property tax schedules
  • Annual budgeting and continual forecasting throughout the year
  • Client-tailored reporting of appeals, taxes due, accruals, and audit response
  • Timely responses to inquiries from internal client teams and departments (i.e. development, lease accounting, audit, accounting, etc.)
  • Management of third-party consultants
  • Management of all aspects of the bill payment process as needed, working seamlessly with the compliance group to ensure accurate and on-time payments
  • Collaborative development of best practices, training, and efficient workflow
  • Stakeholder strategy sessions to discuss economic incentives/TIFs/abatements and ensure adherence to existing agreements


checkmark  $2.81 billion+ in property tax savings over the past 20 years
checkmark  2,100+ property tax clients across North America
checkmark  200+ property tax compliance clients
checkmark  17,000+ properties managed on behalf of a diverse group of clients
checkmark  15.5% average client property tax reduction
checkmark  80,000+ property tax annual returns and 17,000 real and/or personal property tax reviews per year
checkmark  $1 billion+ annual liability and 100,000+ tax bills processed