State Income Tax

State Income & Franchise Tax Services

DMA’s State Income & Franchise Tax solutions supplement clients’ efforts in areas for which you have limited time and resources. Our highly experienced, multi-state tax professionals specialize in performing comprehensive state income and franchise tax reviews and work with clients on special projects as needed.

Utilizing our proven and mature methodology, our state income and franchise tax professionals ensure that clients capture every opportunity for tax minimization and are equipped with proactive, practical solutions for the future. DMA’s state income and franchise tax professionals come from diverse backgrounds in both industry and government. They average 23 years of state income and franchise tax experience.

Case Studies

RAR Compliance and Tax Recovery
DMA’s State Income service is designed to identify and obtain all state income refund opportunities for all periods open according to the statutes of limitations. Learn how DMA was able to find tax savings for our client.

Current Year Compliance
DMA’s Current Year Compliance service works closely with companies on their own systems and software to help prepare state income tax, franchise tax, and city returns. Read how DMA was able to help our client's meet their compliance obligations.