Current Year Compliance

It's compliance season, and you have to make a decision right now as to how you allocate your resources. Do you spend time on your high tax paying states to ensure that you pay the least amount of tax, or do you spend your time on separate, franchise, and city returns? This is the scenario many companies face while managing the ever-growing complexity of return compliance.

DMA's Current Year Compliance service offers clients the ability to receive help with their Current Year Compliance filing obligations through our innovative Remote Co-Sourcing approach.

DMA's unique co-sourcing solution allows clients to:
  • Leverage our extremely experienced staff
  • Shift low-value tasks to our compliance team
  • Enhance their ability to maximize their current resources
  • Save money and better manage their tax department budget
  • Relieve some of the stress of compliance season
  • Have access to assets they need for their compliance duties

As your partner, DMA turns a compliance burden into a value-added service. We provide tax departments the support necessary to enable them to focus their efforts on tax saving projects, maximize their current resources, and better manage their budgets by utilizing our assets.

   Client Case Study – Learn how we assisted a company during an acquisition period and completed and filed 250 returns accurately and on time

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