Address Validation

Mass assignment of jurisdiction codes can be a challenge during an implementation project to a new transaction tax package. Often the zip+4 and county information is not provided at the time of address configuration. This information is pertinent to ensure the correct jurisdiction code and rates are assigned for tax determination and remittance to the governing authority. DMA’s Address Validation solution will help mitigate this gap and further define your tax policies.  

DMA’s Address Validation solution can be a one-time cleanse of your existing addresses or integrated into your enhanced workflow. For a one-time cleanse, DMA obtains a data extract of your existing plant, vendor, customer, and cost center addresses to evaluate for errors or missing address element information. After all addresses are cleansed, DMA then assigns the transaction tax engine’s jurisdiction code into your business system.  

Incorporating a workflow enhancement into your future transaction tax landscape results in prospective benefits for you. With a workflow enhancement, a call is made to DMA’s hosted address cleansing solution. This call would occur during new customer, vendor, plant, or cost center additions into your business system and prior to the jurisdiction code assignment.  

Whether you opt for a one-time cleanse or workflow enhancement, DMA’s Address Validation solution will ensure the correct address elements are selected to yield the optimal jurisdiction code results.