Asset Recovery

Phoenix Finders GroupPhoenix Finders Group (PFG), a Division of DMA, specializes in unclaimed property asset recovery utilizing a comprehensive approach to researching, identifying, and recovering unclaimed property belonging to businesses. Unclaimed assets are typically uncashed checks or funds associated with dormant financial accounts, although it is not uncommon for our experts to recover tangible assets.

Although unclaimed property records are public, they are hard to find since there is no central record clearinghouse. Our asset recovery team locates funds belonging to our clients, held by various government agencies. We perform detailed analysis utilizing historical and newly-acquired data from federal, state, city, county, and other public records. 

Our team works with your company to ensure the highest quality of research and asset recovery claims management to ensure maximum net recovery. We manage the asset recovery collections process by preparing the necessary documentation and claims forms to recover the funds. In addition, our team monitors the asset recovery claims, forecasts when the recovered assets will be available, and keeps our clients informed throughout the process.

Phoenix Finders Group has an excellent proven success rate in recovering unclaimed property for our clients. With over 16 years of experience, our comprehensive business solutions, industry knowledge, and advanced technology set us apart from the competition. 

Phoenix Finders Group is a Division of DMA.

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