Month End Processing Package

Enhance Month-End Tax Procedures and Compliance

Customer Tax Adjustments
Simplifies post of tax adjustments in SAP.
  • Posts tax adjustments automatically in tax system

  • Generates required accounting documentation automatically
  • Increases accuracy of tax jurisdiction and product code assignment

Goods Movement Use Tax Accrual
Automates MM tax calculations (inventory movement).
  • Calculates use tax accrual on goods movement and non-standard transactions automatically

  • Reviews proposed tax accruals easily by executing in "test mode"
  • Reduces tax exposure on materials purchased into inventory

GL Reconciliation
Eases reconciliation between SAP and tax engine.
  • Matches postings between SAP/tax engine and post variances to tax engine audit file

  • Compares SAP tax liability account postings with tax system audit file entries

  • Increases tax compliance accuracy and enhances internal controls

Queue Manager
Monitors SAP queues for unposted tax transactions.
  • Provides visibility into incomplete tax transaction processing

  • Configures custom thresholds

  • Automates notifications