Sales/Use Tax Reporting Package

Optimize SAP Tax Reporting and Analysis

AP Tax Validation
AP transaction review.
  • Enhances internal controls and reduces tax inaccuracy gaps

  • Identifies errors due to incorrect uses of tax codes, GL accounts, and jurisdictions
  • Consolidates view of relevant AP transactional data

Sales Tax Audit Report
Analyze sales tax postings.
  • Extracts detailed sales transaction data

  • Provides view of all tax-relevant information from SAP and tax engine
  • Minimizes costly SAP development and inefficient extraction processes

GL Extract
Generate GL account balances per posting period for fiscal years.
  • Pulls relevant general ledger and journal entry data efficiently

  • Migrates data and cleanses large data sets easily
  • Exports files for reconciliation and indirect tax data warehousing

Queue Manager
Monitors processing errors.
  • Monitors transactional (qRFC and tRFC) queues

  • Receives processing bottleneck notifications
  • Configures thresholds to varying transactional volumes