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TaxARC Indirect Tax Analytics

TaxARC™ Indirect Tax Analytics

Empower Users with Robust Indirect Tax Analytics and Monthly Automated Accrual Reviews

TaxARC™ is a Sales/Use Tax Analytics and Data Warehousing solution that empowers your indirect tax team by providing insightful business intelligence through impactful data visualizations without IT team intervention or the burden of time associated with manually extrapolating and manipulating raw tax data. Designed for corporate indirect tax professionals, business analytics provides powerful trend and outlier intelligence, and automated accrual analysis decreases your tax team’s month-end time commitment while improving overall audit readiness.

Automate Sales & Use Tax Accrual Reviews

  • Create auto-processing rules based on trusted data attributes
  • Configure purchasing location tax rates for accrual determination
  • Analyze your tax landscape via robust dashboards
  • Write tax adjustments back to your GL accounts
  • Validate vendor-charged tax and tax engine accruals, including automated adjustment functions

TaxARC Indirect Tax Analytics

Improve Audit-Readiness by Reducing Use Tax Inaccuracies

  1. Import data from multiple source systems
  2. Automate tax determination – accept vendor tax vs. accrued tax based on trusted taxable and exempt data attributes
  3. Review transactional data prior to finalizing transactions for the current period
  4. TaxARC™ generates a GL posting file for source systems consumption and moves finalized data into a dedicated Data Warehouse in the cloud
  5. Interact with custom business intelligence dashboards to identify areas of tax exposure or overpayment
  6. Generate ad-hoc reports directly from the Data Warehouse without IT involvement

TaxARC™+ Offers All of the Above PLUS:

•  Connect to a tax engine for batch evaluation or define tax policy

•  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities

•  Data Transformation Services performed by DMA